LA161 Learn to Use Biblical Greek with Logos 6

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When it comes to biblical Greek, one of the first things people want to know is what a given word means, where it occurs, and how often. Johnny Cisneros shows you how to answer these questions right from the beginning, with just a few clicks in Logos. He also introduces you to nearly a dozen Greek dictionaries, commentaries, and Bible dictionaries and how to use them for interpretation. Similar to a seminary’s first year of Greek courses, you’ll get a firm foundation in Greek grammar. Each concept is thoroughly explained with fresh examples. But instead of using memorization, Cisneros takes a tools-based approach, showing you how to use Logos 6 to identify those grammatical concepts in the biblical text. Next, Cisneros takes you through the three-step process of doing a Greek word study. You’ll learn how to do your own research and interpretation and compare it to the findings of other scholars. He then brings all the information and tools together into a systematic approach you can use to interpret whole passages of Scripture.