Mobile Ed: LT161 Logos 6 Academic Training

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Learn how to use Logos 6 to its fullest potential with the help of certified trainer Morris Proctor. He guides you step-by-step through the features of Logos that will save you time and improve the quality of your academic research, personal Bible study, and sermon preparation. Gain proficiency in Logos 6’s newest features like Cultural Concepts, Inline Search, Propositional Flow, and the entire suite of interactive tools. You’ll learn Logos’ core features like the Passage, Exegetical, and Sermon Starter Guides and how to do word studies and advanced searching. While this course is relevant to all Logos users, additional sections on creating citations, bibliography, and notes have been added for students and professors. All Mobile Ed courses include quizzes and exams, and the videos are just 5-10 minutes long. This allows you to show the training in the classroom, while leaving ample time for normal lectures and studies. Courses are also transcribed and become Logos resources, which means you can read along as you watch the videos and more easily find the training you need in the future. If you’ve used Logos before, you know how powerful it is. Logos Academic Training will help you unleash that power and gain new insight into God’s word.